Virtual Thrills

We are currently going through a phase of civilization where we are transferring our experiences from the real world into the virtual. We just have to look at things like online dating and online casinos to understand this transition. We take things that are time consuming and can be tedious and make websites based on them so we can indulge these callings at our convenience. My name is Alex Hughes and I would like to elaborate on this great change we are making.

Gambler’s Dream

The biggest obstacle for gamblers everywhere is first and foremost, their lack of self-control. That we have and will struggle on for eternity but the other obstacles that put people off gambling are now becoming redundant. If money was your problem, there are casinos that allow you to play for free, if it is the company you don’t like, secure websites allow you the option of never needing to socialize with anyone you play with. Most importantly if you are afraid the casino won’t pay out or you will get mugged on the way back from carrying the winnings, well secure online casinos can make your payments instantly to your bank account or your bitcoin wallet.

What’s Next

Even today when we are discussing the disadvantages of the digital age, there are online casinos out there that are sparing no expense at making the gambling experience more real. Don’t get me wrong, when you lose your month’s rent to a quads of tens, the experience could do with a little less reality but what I am talking about is online casinos that have their own studio where they shoot live dealers that help you gamble. This is progress at its most ingenious. Bravo, and I I would like to add is that is the internet gets any better, I may never come back to reality.

What are we doing wrong?

My name is Sophie Hunter and let me get straight to the point. If you lose your next month’s rent playing in online casinos the fault is no one’s but yours.

About Gambling

Gambling can be a very stimulating pass time but it is a game of chance. Losing at it doesn’t make you any less intelligent but betting what you can’t afford does. It is the nature of the game that you will win a few and you will lose a lot because those are the odds. Add to the fact that casinos and online casinos almost always twist the odds to their favor you would have to be quite lucky to win.

The Problem

The problem is that we think we are special. Sure there are people who are good at some games but even they will tell you there is no such thing as a sure win. This brings us to our second problem which is that we find it hard to quit. If you have lost the money you allocated for a night in the casino or the online casino, walk away. If you can obey this rule gambling will never be a problem for you.

Gamble at your own Risk

Unless you live in North Korea, the power of the internet has made it possible for us to be able to gamble anytime from anywhere. My name is Philippe Dragovic and I would like to share some of my fascination of the casino games in online gambling websites.

The Online Gambling Scene

It is an open secret that we the people love to gamble. It brings us thrills of the most animalistic and primeval of nature possible keeping our pants on. It is for this precise reason thousands have rushed to online casinos essentially to lose money. You have to think of it as spending 20 to 30 dollars for a fun evening and it doesn’t work out as bad unless you can’t stop. The true problem however is lies in search of a secure online casino. It isn’t all that complicated; you just have to Google for a well-reviewed website which hasn’t had financial mishaps or the word scam attached to it.

The Concerns of Fairness

To be honest there is no such thing as a fair casino; every casino finds a way to make sure the participants never win more then what the players collectively put in. Whether it is the MGM Grand or an online bitcoin casino these rules always apply. This means however that you will be playing against the players and in this case you just have to be luckier than the other ones. There are a lot of books and articles how you can beat the odds and clear the casino. That is quite simply absolute horse crap. There is no such thing as a guaranteed win in gambling if anything it is a very dangerous attitude to have when you are playing with money. The most important thing you can remember when you are playing with money or gambling with bitcoins is that you cannot get greedy because then the casino will get you.

Play For Fun

It is naive to tell people you should only gamble for fun, the reason gambling is so exciting is because you have a shot at winning something at the other end. It is important to keep your greed in check however, when you are gambling the tables can turn quite quickly. Not to say that you should quit while you are ahead, risk but don’t risk everything. Moderation is the best tool you have when you are pitted against the odds. Play so you can keep enjoying the game in which case you can try online casinos that let you play for free. With a simple adjustment of attitude and expectation gambling can cease to be a problem and be an everyday part of your life that helps put some excitement in your life.

Making Money by gambling

There aren’t many people in the world that can make a living off gambling. Online casinos are no easier to make money off of then real gambling. When you gamble online if you really know what you are doing you may end up with 5 maybe 10 percent of the money you put in but for most of the participants it is a matter of how much money they can retain. Obviously the dream is always to have one really hot night and make it big, which does happen but don’t hold your breath for it. At the end of the day all you can do is play for fun and if you strike up a great night, you will have the memory of that for a while. Gambling is awesome as long as it is not a problem.

Everything on the Internet

The internet is one of the most influential inventions of the past millennia; it definitely has played a bigger role in our social growth than most of our parents ever did. One of the aspects that it has affected is the way we gamble. I am Simon Jones and I would like to share some of the information I have about online casinos.

Play it safe

The biggest threat that online casinos can pose for you (besides a life ruining gambling addiction) is the countless websites designed to scam you posing as online casinos. If you have a decent internet security then you will notice that it blocks a lot of websites I deems unsafe. Most of them are not really threatening but if you choose an online gambling website and the internet security blocks it then look for a different one. Go and register in a casino that the internet security trusts and you won’t be scammed out of any more money than the money you lose gambling.

Enjoy the game

Gambling is an exciting pass time as long as it remains about winning the games rather than the earning money. If you take earning money to heart you will end up losing more than you can make up for.

Another way for a Junkie

People have always raised moral objections to gambling. I am Tracy Taylor and I understand where they are coming from. Gambling can be an addiction and thanks to the recent rise in online casinos this problem could be spreading.

The Gambling Problem

Gambling doesn’t necessarily have to be the downfall of your life, most cases they don’t. The problem is anyone I any situation or stage of their life can end up in the streets overnight if they completely let themselves go when gambling. The root of the problem is greed, gambling is thrilling and that is the reason we start doing it but we don’t stop there. We start to want it all; we don’t stay satisfied with just the thrill. Online casinos have given access to almost everyone to gambling and at some point someone you know will suffer on one of these sites.

Who’s to blame?

It would be easy to it is the people who make these sites but it is actually the people who play. The attitude we should have is a competitive one, we should want to win, but what the people who lose their money do is play to win money rather than win the game. No matter what those counting cards books tell you, the game and the money are not the same.